Church Website Builder

There are standard pages for any website. Here is pages specifically designed for church sites. Any church should considering having most if not all of the below elements. They are the pillars to church and shouldn’t change very often. Supported by these pages are often sermons, videos, and pictures. Basic Services $10,000 including first two bulleted sections.

Web / Software services included in every contract

  • Backup/Recovery
  • planning and procurement
  • workstation/server management
  • Database set up
  • WordPress setup and install
  • Fixes, Changes
  • Optimization
  • Updates, Maintenance

Featured Components of a Church website

  • Announcements
  • Beliefs / Doctrine
  • Pastors Message
  • Outreach
  • Location(s)
  • Staff
  • YouTube Channel(s)
  • FaceBook presence
  • Donate page – Services used range from pay pal to giveify. However, digitally you want a user to have a means to give to the advancement of the overall message.

Constantly Updates – this is the area where you keep fresh content. The internet is based on fresh content. Always being updated, and keeping something new for users to return to view. Unlike the above pages. Staff changes are not frequent, (or shouldn’t be).

  • Calendar of Events
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Audio Only
  • Motivational Clips
  • Sermons

Added Benefits pages

  • Suggested Reading Section – Bible, understanding the bible, kingdom principles.

Highly advanced services

  • Internet based channel – yep just like hulu or netflix. A channel where people can join and view your religious content.
  • Television Channel – this service has been around and kicking a while, the only new part is our coordination with local and national television stations to serve the online content.

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