Future Predictions

Future Predictions

No on knows 100 percent certainty what the future holds. But if you pay attention—and I pay lots of attention—you can start to see patterns and make solid predictions based on history.

Markets go up and markets also go down.

The key is to be prepared for any market, whether up or down. 2017 was an interesting year, and I suspect 2018 to top it.

Questions you need to ask yourself is…

  • Is the U.S. dollar in trouble? And why you should care.
  • Why people think they are making good decisions, but really following the formula to be broke.
  • Whether we are headed toward a financial hurricane and if so, how you should prepare.
  • How to survive and thrive through change.
  • How the Government is stealing your savings.
  • What the rich are doing with debt and taxes.


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