11 Mobile Money Making Apps

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You can be getting paid to hold your phone now. Yes, that is correct there are apps that pay you for using them. Stop holding your phone for free. Stop killing time with Facebook and other apps and not getting a financial reward.

Brace yourself for the excitement: April is financial literacy month. My guess is, like most of us, you may be unaware of that particular designation. After all, it seems there’s a month or day for everything from Meatless Mondays to yes, National S’mores Day.

But despite the marketing push and financial companies’ cheerful reminders to call attention to it, there’s a fundamental problem: those who need financial literacy the most are not going to pay attention just because someone calls April financial literacy month. Alright, here’s a few ways you can get paid for holding your phone.

  1. Slidejoy – This app, shows you an advertisement every time you unlock your phone. And as easy as that you’ve earned money. These free slide now become profitable slides.
  2. 2nd life is a game that does about what it says. It allows you to set up a second life with points for activities, then these points can be exchanged for real money.
  3. Paid2Youtube – like the above the name says it all. You get paid per youtube video you watch. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are growing your business you can purchase views. You also get paid for how many people sign up to get utilize this service via your referral. So sign up with under my referral program (paid2youtube.com).
  4. FOAP – get paid to take pictures. Another win/win business. You get paid to post your pictures, and designer like me need these pictures to develop their sites.
  5. App Trailers – get paid to watch trailers for movies. Similar to 3, but with a particular niche… movies.
  6. Surveys on the go – get paid to fill out surveys. This has been around a while, but if you are sitting around doing nothing this is a way to bring some extra cash in.
  7. Ibotta- when you shop you can scan your receipt and you will get cash back points. You get paid for something you are already doing. The vendors use these to study spending habits that will hopefully be used to improve other shoppers experience.
  8. Email Processing – this one is like big foot, I’m looking for a easier to follow method of this, but you can get paid to process emails. (More details coming soon, but you can start looking online with just the title.)
  9. TextBroker – you can get paid for typing. This is a service about generating content and purchasing content. I’m fairly new to this product, but it has potential and definitely not a fly by night company.
  10. When you go to a site and they ask you to input what the text says. Well the method they use is an image is created and you put in what it says, and when a user reaches their site; they match up the image with what you said it displayed. Based on this they decide if this is a computer or a user. This is done using your help.
  11. There are applications that track your usage and keep the stats on what sites you visit, what apps you run. Etc… They are spying with your permission, and as your usage goes up so does your check.

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