Ideas to Grow Your Vision ! (Please add in comments section)

Simply a profit and loss. Every investor is interested in knowing about the companies numbers. Profit and Losses can be expansive and difficult to understand and specific to each industry. A simply profit and loss for a passer by to understand online can be helpful. For instance, sales, cost of goods cost of labor. Profit. Take out Marketing, hourly pages, etc.. etc.. KISS (Keep it super simple… )

Get a company evaluation to sale shares. Most companies are evaluated based on cash flow, sales, or assets. However, get a company evaluation a certified professional can shift the tides. For instance FB had a million followers and really wasn’t making money. However, they evaluation came back ridiculously high and thus a company which neither of the traditional approaches would have worked now becomes one of the largest companies in the world.

Shows like the profit and shark tank have made something completely worthless on paper into a asset. Business connections, who you know and how you know them. How can they assist any specific scenario. Investors and people can actually apply a value, that doesn’t belong on any profit and loss or balance sheet.

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