3 Ways to Get Paid to Speak

3 Ways to Get Paid to Speak


Before I delivery this power post, you can also book someone from our firm to speak to your organization. 3,000 for an hour – 2 hour speech. You can contact us directly at 501-303-0688, or email at bj@leakingpockets.com.

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The first thing I would suggest is to join a local Toastmasters club. Not only do you need to keep your skills sharp you can develop them here. Speaking like playing basketball takes practice, and there are some basic rules you need to adhere to. Toastmaster is great for giving the format and practice. It’s like being a pro-athlete, and toastmaster’s is your gym. You can’t be the return on investment. Now here’s the 3 ways to get paid to speak..

  1. Target industry associations
  2. Book consulting at companies
  3. Leverage Rotary Clubs or Chamber of Commerce meetings
  • Whenever we think of a conference, we think of an event like New Media Expo. However, these large events do not pay speakers. Because they’re so popular, many speakers gladly come and speak for free to gain exposure and new contacts.
  • Last year companies paid outside consults $39.3 billion dollars according to Business Week. These companies bring in consultants to train on every topic imaginable. While you might not get the experience of speaking to a crowed room, you can still generate income and make a difference in a global company.
  • In every state, there are Rotary Clubs and Chamber of Commerce meetings. These meetings bring in speakers. While the event may not be paid, the opportunity is there. These meetings are for business owners and executives, who have their own events. One good presentation can create a full speaking or consulting schedule for you.
  • Want more: visit here for a more elaborate explanation.


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